About Shakespeare's World

Shakespeare's World is an area of the site for exploring some of the people and objects that inhhabited Shakespeare's world, informed his writing, and populated his plays and audience.

Working with our partners at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, we are building a collection of portraits of Shakespeare's contempories - based around the exquisite collection of Hilliard miniature portraits. These give the opportunity to study faces, mannerisms, costume and fashion - and the artifice and imagery that was built into the fabric of Elizabethan public life and art.

Our collection of objects that are connected to Shakespeare's plays is another source of joy and excitement! Our 360 degree visualisations enable us to look at the objects in detail that isn't even possible  in a normal visit to the museum, so is a wonderful opportunity to explore these amazing artefacts.

We are enormously grateful to the Fitzwilliam Museum for their support with this project and encourage you all to visit the museum to take in the objects in their physical form, and to explore the many other treasures the museum keeps on display.