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Casting call: Macbeth

A casting director (usually abbreviated to CD) is responsible for choosing the actors who will play each part in a film, theatre or TV production. They will receive hundreds of audition tapes and CVs from aspiring actors. From these they will select a few to show to the overall director of the production. Between them, the CD and the director will make the final choice of who gets each part.
For this activity you are going to take on the role of the casting director for a new theatre production of Macbeth. Your first job is to choose who will play the male protagonist, Macbeth.
From your reading of the play, jot down notes on what you think about Macbeth as a character. You could use some of the following questions to help you:
  • What sort of person is Macbeth? Write a list of the adjectives that you think best sum him up.
  • How do you think he will talk:
          In Act 1 Scene 7, when he is debating whether he should kill Duncan
          In Act 2 Scene 2, when he has just murdered Duncan?
  • How does he develop as the play progresses?
Watch all three audition tapes of the actors who have made it through to the final selection. Your task is to decide which of them is the best person for the role of Macbeth.

You can download the casting sheet below and use it to make notes on each of the actors. 
Casting sheet

Then write an email to the director of the production to make your recommendation. The email should include:
  • A brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the two actors you are rejecting.
  • A longer explanation of which actor you have decided to recommend and why you think he is the best one for the part.

Actor 1

Actor 2

Actor 3

Interview with a casting director

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